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2022 Gobios of the Month

May131.2gNeil Williamsb58 Hollins Lane south > b57
220.6gMia WeidemanNorbury Junction middle
311.5gDave HobbsBullbeggars, south of bridge
411.0gMick WhiteCooks Wharf bottom, bridge to 2nd marina
510.6gJean BoulockNorbury Junction middle
610.6gGrace WeidemanNorbury Junction middle
710.4gKyle WeidemanNorbury Junction middle
89.6gVernon HillsBullbeggars, cottages
99.0gJohn AudenWardle South
Apr28.6gNeil WilliamsBullbeggars, cottages
Mar18.2gDave HobbsBullbeggars, south of bridge
Feb14.0gNeil WilliamsLittle Seabrook, between locks
Jan29.8gNeil WilliamsBullbeggars, cottages