Chaplain's Cup

A trophy awarded to the member who catches the smallest gudgeon in a Society event in which the current holder of the Cup takes part. The winner holds the Cup until the next event in which he / she participates.

DateVenueWinnerAlso fished
23 Sep 2023Leighton Buzzard, Mentmore GardensWiNe 3.2gHiVe 3.5g
16 Aug 2023Wilstone, gudgeon streamWiNe 7.4gErLu [gozo]
14 Aug 2023Wilstone, gudgeon streamErLu 6.6gWiNe 7.7g
02 Jul 2023Wilstone, gudgeon streamWiNe 4.9g
(retains Cup)
ErLu 4.9g
01 Jul 2023Wilstone, gudgeon streamWiNe 3.7gMcMi 5.0g
25 Jun 2023Wilstone, gudgeon streamMcMi 2.8gWiNe 4.5g
ErLu 7.0g
25 Jun 2023Berko BullbeggarsNo-one!WiNe [gozo]
HiVe [gozo]
10 Jun 2023Berko BullbeggarsNo-one!WiNe [gozo]
McMi [gozo]
03 Jun 2023Wilstone, gudgeon streamWiNe 3.4gMcMi 8.4g
15 May 2023IvinghoeMcMi 11.5gWiNe 12.1g
07 May 2023Berko BullbeggarsWiNe 7.7gShEr 8.2g
HiVe 17.5g
McMi 17.9g
HePa 20.8g
18 Feb 2023Berko townWiNe 8.0gMcMi [gozo]
24 Dec 2022BullbeggarsMcMi 3.8gWiNe 4.9g
02 Dec 2022BullbeggarsWiNe 9.8gMcMi 10.3g
30 Jul 2022WilstoneMcMi 4.2gWiNe 4.4g
HiVe 8.5g
02 Jul 2022BullbeggarsWiNe 7.8gHiVe 8.7g
22 May 2022BullbeggarsHiVe 8.3gWiNe 9.6g
14 May 2022BullbeggarsWiNe 8.7gHiVe 9.6g
24 Apr 2022BullbeggarsWiNe 7.5gHiVe 8.8g
18 Apr 2022BullbeggarsWiNe 5.4gHiVe 7.1g
30 Dec 2021Bullbeggars / Bank MillHiVe 4.9gMcMi 8.7g
WiNe 10.5g
19 Dec 2021Berko Bank MillHiVe 7.5gWiNe [gozo]
14 Nov 2021Berko northWiNe 15.0gHiVe [gozo]
23 Oct 2021BullbeggarsWiNe 4.2gHiVe [gozo]
17 Oct 2021SlaptonWiNe 7.2gMcMi 8.6g
HiVe 12.9g
11 Jan 2020BullbeggarsMcMi 5.7gWiNe 6.8g
04 Jan 2020BullbeggarsWiNe 6.6gMcMi 7.4g
MaAn 7.5g
27 Dec 2019Berko town centreMcMi 8.6gWiNe 15.6g
22 Dec 2019Leighton BuzzardMcMi 8.3gShEr [gozo]
21 Dec 2019BullbeggarsMcMi 6.8gWiNe 6.8g
24 Nov 2019Bourne EndMcMi 10.7gShEr 11.9g
MaAn 12.1g
13 Oct 2019Berko town centreMcMi 9.0gWiNe 10.1g
21 Sep 2019Berko BullbeggarsWiNe 6.3gMcMi 7.2g
HoDv 10.0g
24 Aug 2019Berko town centreMcMi 7.1gWiNe 7.5g
RoJu 10.6g
18 Aug 2019Bourne EndWiNe 8.4gMcMi 8.6g
PaRo 12.0g
17 Aug 2019WilstoneWiNe 4.6gMcMi 5.7g
8 Aug 2019Dixons Gap upperWiNe 11.3gMcMi [gozo]
6 Aug 2019Wilstone, gudgeon streamMcMi 8.4gWiNe 9.5g
3 Aug 2019Bourne EndMcMi 5.5gWiNe 7.4g
30 Jun 2019WilstoneMcMi 9.5gWiNe 13.5g
29 Jun 2019Berko south (various)WiNe 3.6gMcMi 5.1g
PaRo 5.7g
WoSt 7.4
26 Jun 2019Berko north (various)PaRo 3.2gWiNe 5.3g
05 May 2019BullbeggarsPaRo 7.6gMcMi 9.0g
WiNe 9.4g
23 Apr 2019WilstoneMcMi 6.6gMoCo 8.2g
WiNe 16.3g
WhMi [gozo]
07 Apr 2019AudlemMcMi 8.0gWiNe 9.4g
06 Apr 2019Gnosall HeathWiNe 4.0gMcMi 9.4g
30 Mar 2019Bourne EndWiNe 14.0gMcMi 19.4g
24 Mar 2019Bourne EndWiNe 8.3gShEr 8.4g
McMi 11.?g
01 Jan 2019Marsworth, Church LaneShEr 7.0gMcMi 8.0g
WiNe 10.5g
17 Dec 2018BullbeggarsShEr 8.7gWiNe 10.3g
17 Nov 2018BullbeggarsWiNe 6.0gMcMi 7.3g
9 Oct 2018Leighton BuzzardMcMi 6.1gWiNe 8.4g
15 Sep 2018Boxmoor / Bourne EndWiNe 5.3gMcMi 6.4g
PaRo 6.8g
25 Aug 2018Marsworth reservoir flightMcMi 9.3gWiNe [gozo]
5 Aug 2018BullbeggarsWiNe 5.3gMcMi 6.7g
12 May 2018Bourne End variousWiNe 7.0gMcMi 9.4g
PaRo 12.5g
10 May 2018Wilstone, wooden bridgeWiNe 6.6gMoCo 6.8g
7 May 2018Bourne End variousMoCo 11.8gWiNe 15.7g
McMi 18.4g
5 May 2018Sharpes LaneWiNe 5.7gMcMi 15.1g
1 May 2018BullbeggarsMcMi 10.0gWiNe 10.6g
ShEr 12.0g
7 Apr 2018BullbeggarsMcMi 8.9gWiNe 9.3g
2 Apr 2018Bourne EndWiNe 10.5gMcMi 14.2g
1 Apr 2018Berko town centreWiNe 8.6gShEr 10.0g
(retired hurt)
23 Mar 2018Berko town centreShEr 7.3gWiNe 9.6g
10 Mar 2018Bourne EndWiNe 11.1gMcMi 11.1g
12 Feb 2018Berko various!WiNe 12.5gMcMi 23.9g
13 Jan 2018Old Fishery LaneMcMi 8.6gWiNe 9.3g
6 Jan 2018Berko town centreMcMi 25.8gWiNe [gozo]
31 Dec 2017Bourne EndMcMi 8.6gWiNe 11.2g
ShEr 16.7g
30 Dec 2017BullbeggarsShEr 8.6gWiNe 11.1g
22 Dec 2017Bourne EndShEr 13.3gWiNe 13.8g
20 Dec 2017BullbeggarsWiNe 6.5gShEr 8.0g
McMi 9.0g
3 Dec 2017Bourne EndWiNe 7.8gMcMi 8.3g
PaRo 12.3g
ShEr 21.5g
26 Nov 2017Bourne EndPaRo 27.5gWiNe [gozo]
19 Nov 2017Berko town centrePaRo 13.7gWiNe 16.1g
McMi [gozo]
11 Nov 2017Bourne EndMcMi 9.9gShEr 10.5g
PaRo 13.5g
WiNe 17.9g
3 Nov 2017Old Fishery Lane, BoxmoorShEr 8.2gWiNe 8.3g
1 Nov 2017Wilstone, gudgeon streamWiNe 4.8gShEr 5.3g
CaGu 5.5g
28 Oct 2017Bourne End sewage outfallShEr 11.4gMcMi 16.5g
WiNe 22.6g
22 Oct 2017Little Heath LaneWiNe 14.1gShEr 22.4g
20 Oct 2017Dixons Gap upperWiNe 13.7gShEr [gozo]
14 Oct 2017Marsworth, Church LaneWiNe 10.2gShEr 10.6g
13 Oct 2017Marsworth, Red LionWiNe 7.4gShEr 8.3g
8 Oct 2017Aylesbury Arm, MarsworthWiNe 13.0gMcMi 19.3g
ShEr [gozo]
7 Oct 2017WinkwellWiNe 12.8gShEr 14.6g
McMi [gozo]
30 Sep 2017Little Heath LaneMcMi 13.9gShEr 14.0g
WiNe 24.4g
27 Sep 2017Aylesbury Arm, MarsworthWiNe 21.2gShEr [gozo]
16 Sep 2017Hunton BridgeWiNe 3.4gShEr 3.9g
12 Sep 2017Little Heath LaneShEr 16.0gWiNe 22.3g
10 Sep 2017Berko south, variousWiNe 6.1gPaRo 7.3g
09 Sep 2017Bourne End sewage outfallWiNe 12.1gMcMi 13.3g
ShEr 13.3g
07 Sep 2017Bourne End sewage outfallWiNe 11.1gShEr 12.7g
02 Sep 2017Bourne End sewage outfallShEr 10.1gMcMi 19.6g
28 Aug 2017Little Heath LaneMcMi 10.8gShEr 15.0g
WiNe 21.2g
02 Jun 2017Little Heath LaneShEr 10.6gWiNe 14.6g
04 Apr 2017MarsworthShEr 9.5gMoCo 11.9g
GiRi 12.3g
WiNe 14.3g
01 Apr 2017MarsworthMoCo 9.0gShEr 10.3g
WiNe 10.4g
25 Mar 2017MarsworthWiNe 9.8gMcMi 12.1g
24 Mar 2017MarsworthWiNe 10.7gShEr 10.8g
21 Mar 2017Berko BullbeggarsShEr 8.5gWiNe 12.1g
17 Mar 2017Berko BullbeggarsWiNe 6.9gShEr 7.2g
PaRo 7.7g
12 Mar 2017BoxmoorPaRo 5.2gWiNe 5.8g
11 Mar 2017BoxmoorWiNe 7.2gShEr 7.5g
McMi 8.5g
10 Mar 2017BoxmoorShEr 11.9gWiNe 14.4g
7 Mar 2017BoxmoorWiNe 5.9gShEr 6.7g
6 Mar 2017Marsworth, Red LionWiNe 6.9gSiTr 6.9g
PaRo 7.0g
3 Mar 2017CassioburyWiNe 3.4gShEr 4.8g
26 Feb 2017Marsworth, Red LionWiNe 6.0gMcMi 8.0g
PaRo 8.6g
1 Feb 2017MarsworthPaRo 8.7gWiNe 8.9g
31 Jan 2017Hunton BridgeWiNe 3.1gShEr 3.2g
27 Jan 2017Boxmoor Top Lock-ShEr [blank]
WiNe [bozo]
17 Jan 2017Berko Rising SunShEr 16.6gWiNe [gozo]