Alphabait Challenge

Catch fish with baits beginning with as many letters of the alphabet as you can. Here are a few examples you may wish to try ...

A- apple
B- bread, blackberry
C- cheese, cherry, caster, currant
D- damson, doughnut
E- egg, elderberry
F- fig, fudge
G- grape
H- hemp
I- ?
J- jelly, joker, juniper berry
K- kiwi
L- luncheon meat
M- maggot, maltloaf
N- nut
O- orange
P- pellet, pinkie, plum
Q- quince
R- rice
S- squat, sloe, sultana
T- tare
U- ?
V- vanilla pod, vermicelli
W- worm
X- ?
Y- yam
Z- zucchini