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MaPh GotM presentation MaAc at Marsworth RoJu MarFl2 RuDe with mug PaRo's 50.8g fish LoAl MarChu Gathering at WilJef Gudgeon on scales

Members of the Grand Union Gobio Gobio Society (GUGGS) are dedicated to the pursuit and capture of canal gudgeon - you could say we're ga-ga about gobbies. Formed in June 2009, our ultimate aim is for one of our number to catch a specimen to break the UK gudgeon record (currently 140g / 5oz) but we're not holding our breath on that one, and generally we're happy to catch them of any size.

Any gudgeon of 30g or more is a specimen fish and may be given a name. For specimens caught in 2024 the chosen name must begin with the letter V.