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2020 Gobios of the Month

Aug29.0gNeil WilliamsWilstone, gudgeon stream
Jul28.7gNeil WilliamsWilstone, gudgeon stream
Jun128.3gNeil WilliamsWilstone, gudgeon stream
226.3gToby HillsWilstone, gudgeon stream
325.7gEric SharmanTotem pole bridge to Boat pub bridge
422.8gColin MooreWilstone, gudgeon stream
520.2gRobin EmbersonBullbeggars, south of bridge
620.0gDave HobbsBullbeggars, south of bridge
715.9gJean Hobbs (L)Bullbeggars, south of bridge
812.2gElla Hills (L)Wilstone, gudgeon stream
96.1gEmilie Hills (L)Wilstone, gudgeon stream
106.1gSharon Rush (L)Wilstone, gudgeon stream
May31.8gNeil WilliamsBullbeggars, cottages
Apr(no fish recorded)
Mar32.1gEric SharmanBullbeggars, cottages
Feb28.0gMike McNamaraBullbeggars, south of bridge
Jan28.5gNeil WilliamsBourne End middle, Sharps Lane short pound