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2019 Gobios of the Month

Mar35.4gNeil WilliamsBullbeggars, cottages
Feb135.3gNeil WilliamsBullbeggars, cottages
232.8gMike McNamaraBullbeggars, cottages
329.8gMick WhiteBullbeggars, cottages
428.0gEric SharmanBullbeggars, cottages
523.0gSimon PaveyBullbeggars, cottages
621.9gPeter LeechMarsworth, Red Lion to Church Lane
718.7gDennis SturgeBullbeggars, cottages
817.6gMartin RodwellMarsworth, Red Lion to Church Lane
99.0gPaul HedgesMarsworth, Red Lion to Church Lane
Jan37.9gMike McNamaraBourne End middle, Sharps Lane short pound