Chaplain's Cup

A trophy awarded to the member who catches the smallest gudgeon in a Society event in which the current holder of the Cup takes part. The winner holds the Cup until the next event in which he / she participates.

DateVenueWinnerAlso fished
02 Jun 2017Little Heath LaneShEr 10.6gWiNe 14.6g
04 Apr 2017MarsworthShEr 9.5gMoCo 11.9g
GiRi 12.3g
WiNe 14.3g
01 Apr 2017MarsworthMoCo 9.0gShEr 10.3g
WiNe 10.4g
25 Mar 2017MarsworthWiNe 9.8gMcMi 12.1g
24 Mar 2017MarsworthWiNe 10.7gShEr 10.8g
21 Mar 2017Berko BullbeggarsShEr 8.5gWiNe 12.1g
17 Mar 2017Berko BullbeggarsWiNe 6.9gShEr 7.2g
PaRo 7.7g
12 Mar 2017BoxmoorPaRo 5.2gWiNe 5.8g
11 Mar 2017BoxmoorWiNe 7.2gShEr 7.5g
McMi 8.5g
10 Mar 2017BoxmoorShEr 11.9gWiNe 14.4g
7 Mar 2017BoxmoorWiNe 5.9gShEr 6.7g
6 Mar 2017Marsworth, Red LionWiNe 6.9gSiTr 6.9g
PaRo 7.0g
3 Mar 2017CassioburyWiNe 3.4gShEr 4.8g
26 Feb 2017Marsworth, Red LionWiNe 6.0gMcMi 8.0g
PaRo 8.6g
1 Feb 2017MarsworthPaRo 8.7gWiNe 8.9g
31 Jan 2017Hunton BridgeWiNe 3.1gShEr 3.2g
27 Jan 2017Boxmoor Top Lock-ShEr [blank]
WiNe [bozo]
17 Jan 2017Berko Rising SunShEr 16.6gWiNe [gozo]